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Every Barn Find Is a Story of Neglect

My French-American friend Ronan Glon, aka European Car News, knows that barn finds are rarely miraculous discoveries. Some people always seem to know about a car quietly rusting away. They just don't care. In the case of this 1971 Mini, somebody busted the right front fender in 1981, took it…

BMC A-Series, 998 cc. Oil leaks as standard.

Four-speed manual. The carpets need cleaning, but the interior is in great condition.

A chunky steering wheel, and clear evidence of the car’s original color being red.

First, it was Morris within the British Motor Corporation. By 1971, it was British Leyland. After 1986, the Rover Group. Same car, same people, different names.

The plates are from 1973. The car is from 1971. There must be a story there.

Marlboro Leisure Wear must have been huge in the country that invented fashion.

The period stickers will stay. They must.

SNCM (Société Nationale Maritime Corse Méditerranée) is a Marseilles-based ferry company called Maritima Ferries today.

Red cars are faster. Too bad the original owner didn’t know that.

It’s amazing how much dust collects on a car that hasn’t moved in decades.

Authentic 1980s dirt.

Last registration: 1981, Republique Francaise.

Yellow bulbs, of course. More visible through fog.

British steel can sometimes act as soil.

Try sending an order for replacement parts to BMC today.

Karina. Shell’s motor oil for the French market.

The moisture in the air is a menace, but so is the oil spewing out of these British engines.

Lockheed brake servo.

Parked in 1981 because of a busted fender …

And never moved again … until now.

Via: Road and Tracks


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