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This 600 HP, V8-Powered Mini Is The Mother Of All Engine Swaps

The classic Mini, as its name indicates, is extremely small and, to most, that would mean it could only ever be powered by an exceptionally small engine. Good luck telling that to the owner of the following example…

This Mini, owned by a man from Canada, was purchased with a banged-up body and, from there, the comprehensive modifications started.

Most, if not all, would have immediately tried to make the car look nice by restoring the bodywork and paintwork as best as they could. Not this owner. Instead, he decided to leave the exterior largely as he found it and went about fitting it with an LS V8 which runs on methanol and churns out approximately 600 hp.

To fit the engine, the hood had to be removed and the engine now sits almost as high as the roofline. What’s particularly amazing about the whole build is that the car retains its stock wheelbase and was modified to not only fit a huge V8, but also the driver who just so happens to be 6-foot-7.

The modified Mini can be driven in a somewhat-ordinary fashion, but it really is all about doing donuts and, as you’d imagine, is very good at lighting up the rear tires and sending plumes of smoke into the air. The owner says that using methanol means it runs a lot cooler than on pump-gas, allowing him to mash the throttle for up to two minutes at a time to excite crowds wherever he takes it.

Source:Cars Coops


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