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    Z Cars Honda Civic Type R Mini Road Specification Kits

    Z Cars’ Mini Honda VTEC K20 Specification

    Weight: circa 650kgs. This is subject to levels of refinement which add weight.

    Conversion components : Full roll cage pre-assembled with customer engine and gearbox. Rose jointed and adjustable rear suspension arms. Protech or Shocktec aluminium front and rear coil over dampers, differential and driveshafts, rear discs and callipers. Plus cable-operated gear change lever, exhaust system, aluminium fuel tank, radiator and mounting bar.

    Typical factory options: Aluminium rear bulkhead kit, limited slip differential , various engine performance enhancing upgrades, factory seats, upgraded brakes etc.

    Pricing options: We can supply your kit in various stages, from a comprehensive kit of parts, a basic installation into your bodyshell, a fully plumbed in and running option, plus factory turnkey cars. Please contact us for pricing.

    [Please note we are currently developing a kit utilising the Quaife QBA drivebox. This essentially replaces the chain, sprocket and electric reverse as the unit integrates a reverse mechanism.]

    1. Tubular front subframe
    2. Inboard front shockers and springs in aluminium  and adjustable for ride height/damping
    3. Bottom wishbones in CDS steel with rose joints
    4. Top wishbones in aluminium with left and right hand rose joints adjustable for caster and camber on the car
    5. Set of rose jointed push rods and levers
    6. Aluminium throttle pedal adaptor and bearing
    7. Battery brackets
    8. Aluminium fuel tank
    9. Aluminium and plastic radiator
    10. Gear lever and two gear cables
    11. Full tubular roll cage
    12. Engine mounting brackets to accept original Honda VTec rubber engine mountings
    13. Standard manifold with stainless steel exhaust system and silencer
    14. Rear suspension arms in CDS steel with rose joints adjustable for camber and toe
    15. Two race spec drive shafts (original VTec joints required)
    16. Rear aluminium shock absorbers and springs adjustable for ride, height and damping
    17. Rear brake discs, pads, callipers and handbrake cable
    18. Powder coated in satin black as standard or pearlescent colours

    Performance Modifications

    Stage 1

    HYDRA ENGINE MANAGEMENT this is a plug in aftermarket Engine Management system and wiring loom, developed by ZCars for their V Tech kits.  It comes complete with its own wiring loom which only then requires 12 volt feed and earth to make it run.  With the standard kit exhaust and silencer, the results are a 10% increase in top end bhp to 220 but the real gains are to be found in the mid-range torque.  This is achieved by careful mapping of the VTech system and operating it earlier in the rev range, something that other systems struggle to cope with. ECU and LOOM complete

    Stage 2

    Four into two into one stainless steel performance exhaust manifold gives another 15 bhp if used in conjunction with above HYDRA system

    Stage 3

    46mm individual throttle bodies and inlet manifold increase power by a further 20bhp to give a total of 255 bhp

    Stage 4

    Supercharger Kits available tailored to suit your needs. Up to 400BHP and 275 lb ft. torque

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